"You'll soon be an ace, yourself!"
"You'll soon be an ace, yourself!"

Baton Rouge Flight Instruction

“The first step in learning how to fly and earning your ‘Pilot Wings’ begins with finding the right flight school and the right flight instructors to provide quality instruction to meet your needs. Baton Rouge Flight Instruction is committed to providing that quality flight training. Whether you are only interested in obtaining your Private Pilot’s license or wish to pursue a professional career in the aviation industry, Baton Rouge Flight Instruction will assist you. Our flight instructors have many years of experience with thousands of hours of real world flying and daily piloting experience, both in fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.”

“Baton Rouge Flight Instruction provides training for Private, Instrument, Commercial, and ATP certificates. We also offer Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks, refresher training as well as CFI / CFII add-on ratings.”

Get started today! www.brflightinstruction.com

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